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Nov 11, 2021

One of Dr. Sabrina’s very first coaching clients is today’s guest! Listen in to hear how, after working forty years building his business, Chuck Parmely had never taken more than five days off in a row since he started his company. 

It was this revelation in the beginning of their coaching relationship that produced Dr. Sabrina’s resolve to do entrepreneurship differently. She could plainly see that the traditional expectation of having to “grind it out” while sacrificing health and time with our families was not a sustainable business practice.

If you’ve ever spent restless nights wondering if you’ll ever have a business that successfully runs without you, then you’re just in time to listen to this interview!

Chuck Parmely, owner of The Overhead Door Company of Riverton-Landers moved to Riverton, WY to run the Overhead Door Co. of Riverton / Lander in 1979 for his Dad. In March of 1998, Chuck and his wife, Cynthia, became sole owners. They have grown from a one-man shop into a full line glass and door shop with 16 employees, sales of 3.6 million, and the best profit ever thanks to Profit First.

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Sabrina shares Chuck’s story from her newly-released book, The 4 Week Vacation™.
  • Chuck relates how far he’s come since he started working with Tap the Potential.
  • We business owners often know we need to do things differently, but we don’t always know exactly what it is we’re supposed to be doing.
  • The Choice Map™ is a helpful, powerful mindset tool with an immediate impact that Dr. Sabrina shares with clients at Tap the Potential. It teaches business owners how to get off the “judger path” and onto the “learner path”, where they can explore, learn, and invite conversation from their team.
  • Chuck reflects on humility and the changes he learned to implement.
  • Chuck offers tips on how he got his business to where it didn’t have to rely on him.
  • Chuck addresses the unique challenges his company has faced during 2021, and how the principles he learned through Tap the Potential helped to prepare him for it.
  • The 4 Week Vacation really is about creating a business that is sustainable.


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Change Your Question, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams Ph.D.