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Nov 1, 2018

On today’s Profit by Design, Dr. Sabrina and Mike speak with Dr. Ken Keis. Not only is he an author, speaker, podcast host, and coach,  but he is also the President and CEO of Consulting Resource Group International (CRG). Some of his latest books include: Why Aren't You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose. 

Ken’s experience covers all areas of development—career, business, sales, personal, professional, purpose, wellness, leadership, communications, team-building, HR and organizational. He has served clients from Cape Town, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Vienna, and Brussels, to LA, Miami, Vancouver, Singapore, and Mexico City.  Listen in to today’s show to hear a thought-provoking conversation about how to use personality assessments as personal development tools, the unexpected link among values and stress, and the entrepreneurial quest for purpose. 

Show Highlights:

  • Why self-awareness is key to building a sustainable business 
  • Going to a wise counsel for mentoring rather than people with just opinions and no experience 
  • Values based decisions bring clarity
  • There are 6 habits of high performers, number one being clarity
  • Internal motivators, and what they are
  • What it would mean to make the right decision every time
  • You get to decide if a value is being met
  • Playing to your strengths but not letting them be your weakness
  • Self-Management is important to self-awareness
  • Lifestyle business definition and mindset
  • Personality differences and why it’s important to understand them


High Performance Habits by Brendan Bruchard

Why Aren’t You More Like Me by Ken Keis and Terry Anderson

Deliberate Leadership: Creating Success Through Personal Style by Ray Williams and Ken Keis

The Quest for Purpose by Ken Keis

Keys to Success Podcast

Profit by design Podcast Website

Profit by design Facebook group



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