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Sep 27, 2018

On today’s Profit By Design, Mike interviews co-host, Dr. Sabrina Starling. Dr. Sabrina is The Business Psychologist™  and author of the How To Hire The Best series. Dr. Sabrina discusses her new book, How To Hire The Best, Construction Edition, which will soon be released. 


Show Highlights:

  • It is not sustainable to pursue opportunity for the sake of pursuing opportunity if you know all that work is going to be on you and you don’t have a reliable team behind you to do the work
  • Dr. Sabrina shares why she decided to write the Construction Edition of How to Hire the Best.
  • Dr. Sabrina tells a story about the difficulties of running a business and hiring in rural Wyoming, which was the inspiration for her first book, How To Hire The Best.
  • The lack of trades being taught in schools contributes to the lack of workers in the construction industry.
  • Surprising solutions to hiring challenges
  • Growing businesses need the owner focusing on a system for attracting A-Players
  • Mike discusses his experience with changing his mindset about hiring. What worked in the past isn’t working now. 
  • “I’m paying someone why shouldn’t they just do what they’re supposed to do?”
  • Hiring PTSD. Do you have it?
  • Always be recruiting.
  • Dr. Sabrina’s shares the story behind the 4 Week Vacation pledge and why we NEED to take vacation.
  • The 4 Week Vacation is about the business running without you.



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