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Sep 27, 2018

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or, like Mike Bruno, perhaps you’ve been doing it the past 27 years. Today, Mike and I talk about a few examples of where your business can be once you commit and focus. Mike has been a successful entrepreneur for years, and now he’s here to share how he’s been so successful at juggling so many obligations. 


Show Highlights

  • Mike’s unexpected career pivot while owning three separate companies
  • What led Mike to join a Construction & Development company
  • What it was like working for someone else after 27 years
  • How entrepreneurs make 99.9% of the “fires” up in their heads
  • Why it’s important to protect your time
  • How Mike got his businesses to self-sufficiency in 3 months
  • How we define ourselves as entrepreneurs and owners of the business
  • Planning your business with the 4 Week Vacation in mind
  • Mike talks juggling 3 businesses, working for another company, and participating in a podcast


The 4 Week Vacation™

How to Hire the Best